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Journal of the English Place-name Society (ISSN 1351-3095) - tables of contents

Tables of contents prepared by Keith Briggs. The official webpage of the journal is here. The layout has been kept close to the original printed contents pages, which vary considerably from year to year. An exception to this is that I always put names of authors in bold. Article titles are given in full, but some details of books reviewed have been omitted. Some errors in the original contents pages have been silently corrected (notably in volume 36). Items in [...] are my own additions to inadequate titles which omit some essential information (usually the place-name or place-names which the article treats). Where an article has its own webpage containing further information and perhaps even the full text, a link is given. See also my webpage English Place-name Society - bibliographic data on survey volumes.

Also included is a bibtex file (automatically generated from the html), for citing articles from JEPNS when writing documents with LaTeX. See here for more information on bibtex. To use this: (1) save JEPNS.bib; (2) in your LaTeX document include the command \bibliography{JEPNS}; (3) make citations thus: For a fascinating study of this subject, see \cite{JEPNS-39-Briggs-Seven}. This will automatically add the correct entry to your bibliography. See this pdf file for a complete JEPNS bibliography typeset by this method. Until 2005, volumes were published with year ranges, such as 2001-2. But this was not always done consistently (e.g. 1987-88), and these look ugly in author-year citation styles, so I have simplified these in the bibtex file to the later year only. This is the correct year of publication. There was no volume published in 1979-80. For actually writing articles for JEPNS, I have written a special biblatex bibliography style, so that the citations and the bibliography format will automatically come out in the style required by JEPNS. Please contact me if you are interested in this. If you must use Microsoft Word, the bibtex file can still be used with BibTex4Word.

Volume 51 (2019)

Old English collective plant-names in place-names Keith Briggs5-14
The river Mearcella in Suffolk, once again Keith Briggs15-21
Corieltavi, Romans and Romano-British: a Leicestershire legacy Barrie Cox23-35
Windsor, windofer and Iverley: illustrating the place-name element *ofer within the Anglo-Saxon road network Kevin James37-64
A British wood in medieval Warwickshire [munechet] Sarah Wager65-68
The wolverine: an animal-name from a personal name? Keith Briggs69-70
More gay names Richard Coates71-72
David Allen, ed. (2018), The Cartulary and Charters of the Priory of Saints Peter and Paul, Ipswich Keith Briggs73-74
John Blair (2018), Building Anglo-Saxon England Rob Briggs75-79
Roger Brunet (2016), Trésor du terroir: les noms de lieux de la France John Baker80-84
Sophia Martin et al. (2019), Feather bed and chive of cheese: names in the region of Finsthwaite, Lakeside, Stott Park & Ealinghearth Ryan Foster85
Kate Mees (2019), Burial, landscape and identity in early medieval Wessex Stuart Brookes86-87
Bibliography 2017 Joshua Neal, Eleanor Rye & Jessica Treacher89-94
   Hon. Director97
   Hon. Treasurer99

Volume 50 (2018)

Editorial: Golden Jubilee — the Journal celebrates its first 50 years Richard Coates5-9
Where in Suffolk was Wicklaw? Keith Briggs11-15
Dorking, Surrey Rob Briggs17-54
Two lost place-names in the west Midlands: Gaia in Lichfield and The Gay in Shrewsbury Richard Coates55-64
Two Chiltern place-names reconsidered: Elvendon and Misbourne Ann Cole65-74
Medieval place-names in a landscape: Branscombe [Devon] John Torrance75-96
L. Brady Writing the Welsh borderlands in Anglo-Saxon England David Callander97-98
V. Greatorex and M. Headon Field-names in Cheshire, Shropshire, and north-east Wales Eleanor Rye99-101
P. Hanks, R. Coates, P. McClure The Oxford dictionary of family names in Britain and Ireland John Insley102-112
M. McKerracher Farming transformed in Anglo-Saxon England: the long eighth century Debby Banham112-113
S. Taylor (with P. McNiven and E. Williamson) The place-names of Kinross-shire Sofia Evemalm114-115
T. Williamson, G. Barnes, T. Pillatt Trees in England: management and disease since 1600 Jessica Treacher116-118
George Redmonds 1935-2018 Jennifer Scherr119-122
   Hon. Director127-128
   Hon. Treasurer129-130

Volume 49 (2017)

Cameron Lecture 2018: Kenneth Cameron and the English Place-Name Society John Insley5-16
Cameron Lecture 2018: Highways and byways to the English Place-Name Society Gillian Fellows-Jensen17-39
Wippedesfleot in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Richard Coates41-47
Wenhaston John Insley49-55
Divining medieval water: the field-names of Flintham, Nottinghamshire Susan Kilby57-93
The meaning of lēah Sarah Wager95-126
Carole Hough (ed.), The Oxford handbook of names and naming Peter McClure129-149
Jillian Hawkins, The significance of the place-name element *funta in the early middle ages Rob Briggs150-152
Hywel Wyn Owen and Ken Lloyd Griffith, The place-names of Flintshire Spencer Gavin Smith153
George Redmonds, A vocabulary of wood, wood-workers and wood management in Yorkshire Jessica Treacher154-155
Various, recent publications on Northumberland place-names Diana Whaley156-164
Angus Winchester, Lake district field-names Chloé Colla165-167
Bibliography 2016 Joshua Neal, Eleanor Rye & Jessica Treacher171-176
   Hon. Director179-180

Volume 48 (2016)

Name structures and name survival Carole Hough5-27
Gannock in King's Lynn Keith Briggs28-39
Thrussington field-names --- an addendum Celia Cotton40-57
The use of OE sand in place-names Ann Cole58-87
A dictionary of Sussex place-names: starting out Richard Coates88-89
Purley revisited Nigel Suffield-Jones90-91
Northumberland name book --- places and people c.1860 Diana Whaley92-95
Herefordshire place-names project report John Freeman95-96
Norfolk slip collection report Ellen Fisher and Paul Cavill96-99
Restarting the Staffordshire survey Rebecca Gregory100-103
Obituary: Duncan Probert [1961-2016] Shaun Tyas104-108
Mark Bailey, The decline of serfdom Rosamond Faith109-110
Ann Cole, The place-name evidence for a routeway network in early medieval England Simon Draper110-112
Lars-Erik Edlund and Elṡbieta Strzelecka, Mellannorland i centrum Josefin Devine112-114
Michael Hicks, The later medieval inquisitions post mortem Nicholas R. Amor114-115
Birgit Eggert et al., Pâ sporet: Festskrift til Bent Jørgensen Per Vikstrand116-199
Gale Owen-Crocker and Susan D. Thompson, Town and topography: essays in memory of David Hill Susan Oosthuizen119-121
Guy Puzey and Laura Kostanski, Names and naming: people, places, perceptions and power Emilia Aldrin122-124
Peter G. Spackman, An A-Z of 1001 field-names Rebecca Gregory125-127
Bibliography 2015 Alice Crook & Eleanor Rye128-133
   Hon. Director134-135

Volume 47 (2015)

Odencolc revisited and revised Paul Luscombe5-15
Lazerton at Ash, Stourpaine, Dorset A. D. Mills and Richard Coates16-18
A Suffolk miscellany: East Bergholt, Gulpher, Harkstead, Hussey Green, Maidstone, Orwell, Purton Green, Rodbridge, Throughton, Undley, Walsham le Willows, Wenhaston, Whitton Keith Briggs19-37
Buttington and Buttington (or vice versa): a tale of two names David Horovitz38-54
Searching for early drove roads: hrȳðer, mersc-tūn and heorde-wīc Ann Cole55-88
Nicholas Higham & Martin Ryan (eds.), Place-names, language and the Anglo-Saxon landscape (2011) John Insley89-115
Alfred Oscroft, Place-names of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (2015) Kelly Kilpatrick115-118
Sarah Semple, Perceptions of the prehistoric in Anglo-Saxon England (2013) Simon Draper118-120
Alan MacNiven, The Vikings in Islay: the place of names in Hebridean settlement history (2015) Berit Sandnes120-123
Bibliography 2014 Alice Crook & Eleanor Rye124-129
   Hon. Director130-131

Volume 46 (2014)

The other millennium: English place-naming after the Norman Conquest Diana Whaley5-31
The meaning of dinge in the names of buildings Peter McClure and George Redmonds32-39
Oundle, Northamptonshire Richard Coates40-44
Old English sǣte and sǣtan John Baker45-81
Bibliography 2013 Alice Crook & Eleanor Rye98-102
Margaret Gelling & Ann Cole, The landscape of place-names (new edition) Della Hooke82-94
Boel Jepson, English place-name elements relating to boundaries Gillian Fellows-Jensen94-96
Jeremy Harte, English holy wells: a sourcebook Richard Coates96-97
   Hon. Director103
   Hon. Treasurer105

Volume 45 (2013)

Boulge, Suffolk Keith Briggs5-11
Montpellier: the British diffusion of a French place-name James Hodsdon12-30
An etymological miscellany: Haughmond, Wyers Hall, Caterham Richard Coates31-37
Burna and brōc revisited Ann Cole38-41
Allfarthing: is it really a fraction? Keith Bailey42-45
Macaroni Downs, Gloucestershire Catherine Robinson and Jennifer Scherr46-51
Bibliography 2012 Carole Hough52-57
Anne Rowe & Tom Williamson, Hertfordshire, a landscape history John Baker58-61
J. Baker, S. Brookes, and A. Reynolds, Landscapes of defence in early medieval Europe Richard Jones61-62
In the beginning was the name: selected essays by Professor W. F. H. Nicolaisen Carole Hough62-65
Richard Jones and Sarah Semple (eds.), Sense of place in Anglo-Saxon England Diana Whaley65-81
   Hon. Director82
   Hon. Treasurer84

Volume 44 (2012)

The two Ebbsfleets in Kent Keith Briggs5-9
Watermills called Twygrind Keith Briggs10-11
A toponymic perspective on early medieval settlement of the southern North Sea shores of mainland Europe Pieterjaan Deckers12-32
The riddle of Salthrop Ann Cole33-35
Worthy of great respect Richard Coates36-43
What was a Caldecote? Addenda [to JEPNS 31, 31] Philip Tallon44-48
On Cribby Islands Laura Wright49-65
Kelham, Nottinghamshire Jean Cameron and Paul Cavill66-72
Bibliography 2011 Carole Hough73-77
Anthony Poulton-Smith, Gloucestershire Place Names and Hampshire Place Names Richard Coates78-82
Simon Taylor with Gilbert Márkus, The Place-Names of Fife vol. 3 St Andrews and the East Neuk Carole Hough83-86
Reports and accounts87-96
   Hon. Director
   Hon. Treasurer

Volume 43 (2011)

Clǣg in English place-names Ann Cole5-15
Worsted [Sussex] M. J. Leppard16-17
The lost Essex Domesday manor Geddesduna James Kemble18-24
The Black Country David Horovitz25-34
Tyther- as an English place-name element Richard Coates35-42
Bixley [Norfolk and Suffolk] Keith Briggs43-54
The field-names of Laxton [Nottinghamshire] Emily Pennifold55-70
The river-name Mearcella, Suffolk Andrew Breeze71-74
Bibliography 2010 Carole Hough75-77
Peter Chasseaud, Rats Alley: Trench names of the Western Front 1914-1918 Henry Daniels78-81
Paul Cullen, Richard Jones and David N. Parsons, Thorps in a changing landscape John Baker82-84
Reports and accounts85-94
   Hon. Director
   Hon. Treasurer

Volume 42 (2010)

Place-names with Christian associations Vladislav Alpatov5-30
The place-names of Foxhall in Suffolk Keith Briggs31-42
Errata and addenda to Journal 41 Keith Briggs42-42
Harrow Keith Briggs43-62
Kinder Scout George Broderick63-74
The first element of Buildwas, Shropshire Richard Coates75-78
Old English stoc `place' †Margaret Gelling with Duncan Probert79-85
The name-type Fritwell Carole Hough87-89
Bibliography 2009 Carole Hough90-93
Reports and accounts94-101
   Hon. Director
   Accounts and Accountant's report

Volume 41 (2009)

Clare, Clere, and Clères Keith Briggs7-25
OE and ME cunte in place-names Keith Briggs26-39
Mam Tor George Broderick41-48
Lowdham, Thurgarton Wapentake, Nottinghamshire Jean Cameron with Paul Cavill49-56
Reflections on some major Lincolnshire place-names Part Two: Ness wapentake to Yarborough Richard Coates57-102
Burh place-names in Anglo-Saxon England Simon Draper103-118
Two Devonshire place-names [Olchard; Kingsett, Kingseat, Kingshead] Oliver Padel119-126
Foxhole, Pendle and Ryelands David Blackburn127-129
A note on Guthlac's Stone [Leicestershire] Barrie Cox130-132
Holbrook, D[er]b[yshire] Alan James133-133
Margaret Gelling, 1924-2009 O. J. P. 134-139
Karl Inge Sandred, 1925-2008 R. C. 139-141
Bibliography 2008 Carole Hough142-148
Landscapes, documents and maps, by Brian K. Roberts Paul Cavill149-150
The place-names of Fife vol. 2, by Simon Taylor Carole Hough150-155
Reports and accounts156-164
   Hon. Director
   Accounts and Accountant's report

Volume 40 (2008)

Abbreviations of Counties and EPNS County Surveys5
Karl Inge Sandred, d. 25th September, 20086
Towards a reassessment of `Kingston' place-names Duncan Probert7-22
Upton, Thurgarton Wapentake, Nottinghamshire Jean Cameron with Paul Cavill and Richard Jones23-33
Reflections on some major Lincolnshire place-names Part 1: Algarkirk to Melton Ross Richard Coates35-95
Freemantle Keith Briggs97-111
The Domesday Book castle LVVRE Keith Briggs113-118
Notes and corrigenda
Addenda to Seven Wells, JEPNS 39 (2007), 7--44 Keith Briggs119-120
Hopping Hill, Milford, Db Alan James121-123
Puppy's Parlour revisited David Horovitz125-128
Correction to The place-names of Gloucestershire, vol. 3 (EPNS Survey vol. 40) Richard Coates129-130
Bibliography 2007 Carole Hough131-136
Boundary Landscapes: a walk at Staunton on Arrow in Herefordshire to look for the boundary of an Anglo-Saxon estate, by Beryl Lewis, Kington Historical Society (2008) Margaret Gelling137-139
Boundaries in medieval Britain, ed. by David Griffiths, Andrew Reynolds and Sarah Semple, Oxford University School of Archaeology (2003) Richard Coates139-140
Religion, community and territory: defining religion in the Severn Valley and adjacent hills from the Iron Age to the early medieval period, by Stephen Yeates, 3 vols, BAR British Series 411, Archaeopress (2006) John Baker140-144
Britons in Anglo-Saxon England, ed. by N. J. Higham Publications of the Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies, Vol. 7, Boydell (2007) Paul Cavill144-149
Reports and accounts150-159
   Hon. Director
   Hon. Treasurer
   Accounts and Accountant's report

Volume 39 (2007)

Abbreviations of Counties and EPNS County Surveys5
Seven Wells Keith Briggs7-44
Wirral carrs and holms Stephen Harding45-57
South-West English dumball, dumble, dunball, `pasture subject to (occasional) tidal flooding' Richard Coates59-72
Azure Mouse, Bloater Hill, Goose Puddings, and One Land called the Cow: continuity and conundrums in Lincolnshire minor names Richard Coates73-143
Carlton on Trent Jean Cameron with Paul Cavill145-149
Bibliography 2006 Carole Hough151
The Blorenge, near Abergavenny, Monmouthshire/Gwent Richard Coates157-158
Cultural Transition in the Chilterns and Essex Region, 350 AD to 650 AD by John T. Baker Della Hooke159
Landscape, settlement and society in Roman and early medieval Wiltshire by Simon Draper John Baker161
Obituary: Harold Fox 1945-2007 Oliver J. Padel173
Reports and accounts175
   Hon. Director
   Hon. Treasurer
   Accounts and Accountant's report

Volume 38 (2006)

Abbreviations of Counties and EPNS County Surveys4
Chesterblade, Somerset, with a reflection on the element chester Richard Coates5-12
Some observations on Blore, Staffordshire Richard Coates13-16
Blandford Forinseca? The problem of forum in English place-names Paul Cullen17-24
Marston Montgomery and Markeaton, Derbyshire Mary Wiltshire and Sue Woore25-30
Martlesham and Newbourne: a note on two obscure Suffolk names Keith Briggs31-36
Minor names of Caunton, Nottinghamshire Jean Cameron37-42
Behind the dictionary-forms of Scandinavian elements in England Richard Coates43-61
River names, Celtic and Old English: their dual medieval and post-medieval personalities Stephen Yeates63-81
Bibliography 2005 Carole Hough83-88
   Names through the Looking-Glass: Festschrift in Honour of Gillian Fellows-Jensen
      ed. by Peder Gammeltoft and Bent Jørgensen Philip Shaw
   Timeline Historical Maps Richard Coates
Notes and corrigenda93
Special notices96
Reports and accounts100

Volume 37 (2005)

Abbreviations of Counties and EPNS County Surveys4
The imperial context of place-names in Roman Britain Alexei Solopov5-18
Mearcella in S 703 and the etymology of Childrey Brook Kathryn Lowe19-31
A note on the place-name Mottram St. Andrew, Cheshire Jane Laughton32-32
Two notes on names in tūn in relation to pre-English antiquities: Kirmington and Broughton, Lincolnshire Richard Coates33-36
A Tendring hundred miscellany Richard Coates37-47
The antiquity of Moggerhanger, Bedfordshire Richard Coates48-51
The minor names of Norwell, Nottinghamshire Jean Cameron53-58
Wolf Rock, off Land's End Andrew Breeze59-60
Bibliography 2004 Carole Hough61-65
   Lines in the landscape: Cursus monuments in the Upper Thames valley66
   by A. Barclay, G. Lambrick, J. Moore and M. Robinson
      John Baker
   Uffington White Horse and its landscape67
   by D. Miles, S. Palmer, G. Lock, C. Gosden and A. M. Cromarty
      Della Hooke
   An international glossary of place name elements by Joel F. Mann70
      Richard Coates
   Hon. Director72
   Hon. Treasurer74
   Accounts and Accountant's Report76

Volume 36 (2003-4)

Abbreviations of Counties and EPNS County Surveys4
The distribution of tūn place-names in Hertfordshire, Essex and neighbouring areas John Baker5-22
The River Garw of Glamorgan and Gara Bridge, Devon Andrew Breeze23-24
Revisiting Dingesmere Paul Cavill, Stephen Harding and Judith Jesch25-38
The Lyme Richard Coates39-50
The use of ON nata in place-names Ann Cole51-53
Toponymic traces of the earlier inhabitants of north-eastern Leicestershire Barrie Cox55-60
Another (ge)strēones halh Carole Hough61-62
Chilton and other place-names from Old English cild Carole Hough63-65
A note on herrings in place-names David N. Parsons83-85
A further note on herrings in place-names Paul Cullen85-85
Obituary: Esmé Pattison Paul Cavill87-89
Bibliography [2003] Carole Hough90-94
   Middle Saxon London: excavations at the Royal Opera House 1989-99
      ed. G. Malcolm and D. Bowsher
   John Baker
   Hon. Director
   Hon. Treasurer
   Accounts and Accountant's Report

Volume 35 (2002-3)

Abbreviations of Counties and EPNS County Surveys4
English place-name studies: some reflections Margaret Gelling5-16
Strensall, Streanaeshalch and Stronsay Carole Hough17-24
Ellough: A Viking temple in Suffolk? David N. Parsons25-30
Do -ingas place-names occur in pairs? Susan Laflin31-40
Middle Breton *Conek and Consett near Durham Andrew Breeze41-43
Hough and Hoon, Derbyshire Barry Crisp, Brian Rich, Mary Wiltshire and Sue Woore45-48
The use of Netel in place-names Ann Cole49-58
Obituary: Victor Watts John Insley59-60
Bibliography Carole Hough61
   `Lastworda Betst' Essays in memory of Christine E. Fell
      ed. by C. Hough & K. A. Lowe Alex Woolf67
   Owl's Hoot: how people name their houses by J. Miles Richard Coates70
Editorial Statement and Style Sheet72
   Hon. Director78
   Hon. Treasurer79
   Accounts and Accountant's Report81

Volume 34 (2001-2)

Abbreviations of Counties and EPNS County Surveys4
Bow, bowmen and bowers M. A. Atkin5-14
Welsh Cynog and Chinnock, Somerset Andrew Breeze15-16
Beverley: a beaver's lodge place Richard Coates17-22
The Problems of the bee-keepers M. C. Higham23-28
An analysis of Romsey field-names Coralie Lagrange and Henry Daniels29-58
   Vikings and the Danelaw by J. Graham-Campbell et al. Jayne Carroll59
   Lordship and Tradition in Barbarian Europe by H. Moisl
   John Insley66
Bibliography Carole Hough72
Addenda to the Survey76
   Hon. Director77
   Hon. Treasurer78
Accounts and Accountant's Report80
Books purchased for the EPNS Library86

Volume 33 (2000-1)

Abbreviations of Counties and EPNS County Surveys4
The name of the River Tiddy Andrew Breeze5-6
The evolution of street-naming in Kenilworth, Warwickshire G. Hilton7-13
Postscript to Pitchcombe Carole Hough14-14
Elders and betters: Hinderclay in Suffolk Kathryn Lowe15-20
The two-fold development for Old English æ in 12th- and 14th-century Kentish place-names M. A. Martín Díaz21-54
The Owers, Les Ours, Weemburg and ‘The Old City’: place-names, history and submarine archaeology W. A. R. Richardson55-114
Mixing and matching: a study of the Woking Street-namestock Audrey Rossett and Henry Daniels115-146
Obituary: Kenneth Cameron CBE, FBA. Victor Watts147-148
Bibliography Carole Hough149
Reports: Hon. Director154
   Hon. Treasurer155
Accounts and Accountant's Report157

Volume 32 (1999-2000)

Abbreviations of Counties and EPNS County Surveys4
Assessing the evidence for the earliest Anglo-Saxon place-names of Bedfordshire. Martin Blake5-20
Plardiwick. Richard Coates21-22
The Sinodun Hills, Little Wittenham, Berkshire. Richard Coates23-25
Ersc: distribution and use of this Old English place-name element. Ann Cole27-39
The field-names of Kingsbury (Middlesex) †W. E. Cunningham41-46
The field-name Felterrode. Carole Hough47-49
The place-name Pitchcombe. Carole Hough50-52
Some place-name distributions. Victor Watts53-72
A Plethora of Parks – Mainly Merton Examples. Geoffrey Wilson73-75
   Aileen Armstrong FRHS
   John Field
   Della Hooke, Warwickshire Anglo-Saxon Charter Bounds (Woodbridge 1999). Joy Jenkins
Bibliography †John Field81
Reports: Hon. Director86
         Hon. Treasurer88
Accounts and Accountant's Report90
Addenda to the Survey.94

Volume 31 (1998-9)

Officers and Council4
Presidential Address: on the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the English Place-Name Society, Wednesday 15 July 1998. Margaret Gelling5-8
A north-west Devon anomaly: Hartland. Richard Coates9-18
cisel, grēot, stān and the four U's. Ann Cole19-30
What was a Caldecote? Philip Tallon31-54
Two Lincolnshire coastal names. A. E. B. Owen55-62
Some observations on gē, gau, and go. Keith Bailey63-76
Place-names in -cot: The Buckinghamshire Evidence Keith Bailey77-90
Meeting-places in Wilvaston Hundred, Cheshire. Aliki Pantos91-112
The name of Ganarew, near Monmouth. Andrew Breeze113-114
Overhall and Netherhall. Joan Turville-Petre115-117
Obituaries. [Christine E. Fell 1938-1998; John Kousgård Sørensen 1925-1999] 118
L. Van Durme, Galloromaniae Neerlandicae Submersae Fragmenta. Victor Watts125
Hywel Wyn Owen, The Place-Names of Wales: A Pocket Guide. John Freeman127
Richard Munro, Place Names of the Falkland Islands and James Hodson, An Historical Gazetteer of Cheltenham. Paul Cavill130
Bibliography. John Field132
Addenda to the Survey.136
Hon. Director's Report.138
Accounts and Accountant's Report.139

Volume 30 (1997-8)

Officers and Council4
A surviving Latin place-name in Sussex: Firle. Richard Coates5-15
Merrow and some related Brittonic matters in Surrey. Richard Coates16-22
Liscard and Irish names in Northern Wirral. Richard Coates23-26
Baumber in Lindsey. Barrie Cox27-32
Some London inn and tavern names, 1423--1426. Barrie Cox33-42
Robynhill or Robin Hoods' Hills? Michael Evans43-52
Old English *Coppa. Carole Hough53-59
Place-name evidence for Old English bird-names. Carole Hough60-76
Everton – not a tūn? Pamela Russell77-81
Places named `Anstey': a gazetteer. M. A. Atkin83-98
The origin of the name Rouncil, Kenilworth, Warwickshire. G. Hilton99-104
The etymology of Rouncil Margaret Gelling106-106
Conservation and innovation in the toponymy of a West Riding township [Guiseley]. Henry R. Daniels107-153
Notes on contributors.154
Obituaries [Olof Arngart 1905-1997, Rune Forsberg 1908-1997].155
Bibliography. J. Field160
Reports: Hon. Director166
         Hon. Treasurer168
Accounts and Accountant's Report.171

Volume 29 (1996-7)

Officers and Council4
Coastal place-name enigmas on early charts and in early sailing directions W. A. R. Richardson5-61
Clovelly again. Richard Coates63-64
The place-name Fritwell. Carole Hough65-70
The ladies of Portinscale. Carole Hough71-78
flēot: Distribution and use of this OE place-name element. Ann Cole79-87
Notes on Contributors88
K. Cameron, English Place Names (A. Everitt)
P. Jackson, ed., Words, Names and History: Selected Writings of Cecily Clark (P. McClure)
B. Crawford, ed., Scandinavian Settlement in Northern Britain (K. Cameron)
W. Van Osta, Toponymie van Brasschaat (V. Watts)
Bibliography J. Field104
Report of the Hon. Director107
Report of the Hon. Treasurer109
Accountant's Report117

Volume 28 (1995-6)

Officers and Council4
Birds in amber: the nature of English place-name elements David N. Parsons and Tania Styles5-31
Moonhill Carole Hough and Barrie Cox32-35
Clovelly, Devon Richard Coates36-44
The place-name Annesley Carole Hough45-49
Yarboroughs in Lindsey Barrie Cox50-60
The Frogmore sites of Hertfordshire Margery Guest61-70
Three place-name compounds: OE swīnland, OE wiþersted, and OE cēapland Carole Hough71-76
Notes on contributors76
Review: L. van Durme Toponymie van Velzeke-Ruddershove en Bochoute John Insley 77
Bibliography 1994-95 J. Field
Report of the Hon. Director81
Report of the Hon. Treasurer83

Volume 27 (1994-5)

Officers and Council of the Society, 1994-954
The two Goxhills Richard Coates5-20
OE wearg in Warnborough and Wreighburn Carole Hough14-20
Assandūn and Assatún: The value of skaldic evidence for English place-name studies Matthew Townend21-29
Early field-names in a Norfolk parish [South Creake] Mary Hesse31-42
English cuckoos, dignity and impudence Richard Coates43-49
Indexes to the field-name sections in The Place-Names of Surrey and The Place-Names of Essex John Field50-55
Annual Bibliography56
Hon. Director's Report59
Hon. Treasurer's Report60
Accounts, 1994-9565

Indexes to Nos. 13-26 (1980-1994) 1996 John Field

Volume 26 (1993-4)

Officers and Council of the Society, 1993-944
Lord Dainton, patron of the Society Kenneth Cameron5-6
A new dictionary of English Place-Names Victor Watts7-14
English place-names: the Leverhulme project Carole Hough15-26
Baulking: an Anglo-Saxon industry revealed Ann Cole27-31
Notes on Contributors
Review of S. Robinson: Somerset Place-Names Richard Coates33
The Seventieth Annual Report, 1992-93
   Officers and Council37
   Report of the Honorary Director and Honorary Secretary38
   Report of the Honorary Treasurer41
The Seventy-first Annual Report, 1993-94
   Report of the Honorary Director48
   Report of the Honorary Secretary50
   Report of the Honorary Treasurer52
Membership List60
EPNS County Volumes80

Volume 25 (1992-3)

Some notes on the history of the English Place-Name Society A. M. Armstrong, Margaret Gelling and K. Cameron1-8
Harrow fields in Heswall-cum-Oldfield Florence Vipond9-10
Paganism and Christianity in Wirral? Margaret Gelling11-11
Place-names as evidence for recreation David Dymond12-18
The Anglo-Saxon bounds of Æt Bearuwe Paul Everson and G. C. Knowles19-37
The distribution and use of mere as a generic in place-names Ann Cole38-50
Obituary: Sir Clifford Darby [Kenneth Cameron]51
Reviews [D. Kenyon, Origins of Lancashire; P. Drummond, Scottish Hill and Mountain Names]52
Notes on Contributors60
The Sixty-Ninth Annual Report
   Officers of the Society65
   Report of the Honorary Director66
   Report of the Honorary Treasurer69

Volume 24 (1991-2)

Lyonesse and the Wolf. A case study in place-name corruption W. A. R. Richardson4-29
Distribution and use of the Old English place-name Mere-tūn Ann Cole30-41
The significance of Here-ford David Torvell42-48
Byflete revisited Barrie Cox49-50
Notes on contributors50
Cecily Clark: A Personal Appreciation Margaret Gelling51-52
Obituary: J. R. Copley [1914-91] M. G.53-54
Bibliography 1989-9155
The Sixty-eighth Annual Report
   Officers of the Society59
   Report of the Honorary Director60
   Report of the Honorary Treasurer62

Volume 23 (1990-1)

Notes on contributors4
The name of Lewes: some problems and possibilities Richard Coates5-15
Railways, developers and place-names: the case of Raynes Park Geoffrey Wilson16-25
Burna and Brōc. Problems involved in retrieving the Old English usage of these place-name elements Ann Cole26-48
Obituary: Professor Kenneth [H.] Jackson [1909-91] O. J. P.49
Bibliography 1988-9151
The Sixty-Seventh Annual Report
   Officers of the Society53
   Report of the Honorary Director54
   Report of the Honorary Treasurer57

Volume 22 (1989-90)

The Society5
Notes on Contributors6
Rutland in the Danelaw: a field-names perspective Barrie Cox7-22
The field-name Puppys Parlour David Torvell23-26
The origin, distribution and use of the place-name element ōra, and its relationship to the element ofer Ann Cole26-41
Byflete Barrie Cox42-46
Some Buckinghamshire place-names reconsidered [Coleshill, Bowers Farm, Brentford Grange, Marrods Bottom, Stock Place, WInchmore Hill] John Chenevix Trench47-53
Obituary: Professor J. McNeal Dodgson [1928-90] Kenneth Cameron54-55
Bibliography 1987-9056-59
The Sixty-Sixth Annual Report
   Officers of the Society60
   Report of the Honorary Director61
   Report of the Honorary Treasurer64
Publications of tthe Society72

Volume 21 (1988-9)

Old English words not hitherto noted in place-names: Some examples from Hampshire Richard Coates5-14
The meaning of the Old English place-name element ōra Ann Cole15-22
Notes on Lancashire place-names 2: the later names Denise Kenyon23-53
Bibliography, 1987-8954-59
Notes on Contributors59
The Sixty-fifth Annual Report
   Officers of the Society60
   Report of the Honorary Director61
   Report of the Honorary Treasurer64

Volume 20 (1987-88)

Furze, gorse, and whin: an aside on Rutland in the Danelaw Barrie Cox3-9
A couple of English hundred-names [Winnibriggs, Lei; Plomesgate, Sf; Hemreswel, Wt] O. Arngart10-13
Kingston place-names: an interim report Jill Bourne13-37
The distribution and usage of the place-name elements botm, bytme and botn Ann Cole38-46
Notes on Contributors47
Obituary [C. E. Blunt; J. P. Oakden ?-1988]48
Bibliography 1980-8750
Addenda to the Bibliography70
The Sixty-fourth Annual Report 1986-7
   List of Officers72
   Honorary Director's Report73
   Honorary Treasurer's Report75
English Place-Name Society County Volumes83

Volume 19 (1986-7)

The Scandinavians in Norfolk: some observations on the place-names in -by Karl Inge Sandred5-28
The need for a national survey of place-names in Wales Gwynedd O. Price29-43
A brief comment from across the dyke Margaret Gelling43-44
The distribution of usage of the OE place-name Cealc Ann Cole45-55
Three more Walcots John Bleach and Richard Coates56-63
Corrigendum to the Survey64
Notes on Contributors65
Obituary [Blunt; Oakden]66
The Sixty-third Annual Report 1985-6
   List of Officers67
   Honorary Director's Report68
   Honorary Treasurer's Report71

Volume 18 (1985-6)

Comments on the location of some of the forms in PN Worcs pp. 293-303 (Halesowen and its Townships) P. S. Keate5-12
Notes on Lancashire place-names 1, the early names Denise Kenyon13-37
Euroclydon: a Biblical place-name Paul Coones38-39
Towards an explanation of the Kentish -mondens Richard Coates40-47
Review: Della Hooke, The Anglo-Saxon Landscape, the Kingdom of the Hwicce Denise Kenyon48
The Sixty-second Annual Report 1984-5
   List of Officers51
   Honorary Director's Report52
   Honorary Treasurer's Report54

Volume 17 (1984-5)

Some notes on Barnby and related place-names in England M. S. Parker5-13
The significance of the place-name, Stonegrave G. E. Morris14-19
Addenda and Corrigenda to E. Ekwall The Place-Names of Lancashire Denise Kenyon20-106
The Sixty-first Annual Report 1983-4
   List of Officers107
   Honorary Director's Report108
   Honorary Treasurer's Report109

Volume 16 (1983-4)

Remarks on `pre-English' in England: with special reference to *uentā, *ciltā and *cunāco Richard Coates1-24
Starting from Youlthorpe (East Riding of Yorkshire) on an onomastic Circular Tour Cecily Clark25-37
The Domesday Manor of Langeberge cum Mene Allan Warmington38-49
Field-names at Woodhall, Pinner, Middlesex Kenneth Kirkman50-57
Basil Cottle, Names John Insley58
Adrian Room, A concise dictionary of modern place-names in Great Britain and Ireland Richard Coates67
The Sixtieth Annual Report 1982-3
List of Officers70
Honorary Director's Report71
Honorary Treasurer's Report74

Volume 15 (1982-3)

Professor Dorothy Whitelock [1901--1982; obituary] [Kenneth Cameron]1-1
Professor M. T. Löfvenberg [obituary] [Kenneth Cameron]2-2
The place-name Hindrelac Victor Watts3-4
The place-names Weybourne and Wooburn O. Arngart5-8
Thurstable revisited L. J. Bronnenkant9-19
English medieval Latin *bellerīca [>Billericay] Richard Coates20-23
Stock Tracks along Township Boundaries Mary A. Atkin24-32
'Landscape History' and current trends in landscape studies Della Hooke33-52
The Fifty-ninth Annual Report 1981-2
List of Officers53
Honorary Director's Report54
Honorary Treasurer's Report56

Volume 14 (1981-2)

The Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian occupation of Nottinghamshire P. T. H. Unwin1-31
OE walh in English place-names: an addendum V. E. Watts and E. F. M. Prince32-36
   Klaus Forster Englische Familiennnamen aus Ortsnamen: Studien zu Lautlicher Sonderentwicklungen bei Eigennamen John Insley37
   John Field Place-Names of Greater London Margaret Gelling45
   West Yorkshire; an Archaeological Survey to A.D.1500 ed. M. L. Faull and S. A. Moorhouse Margaret Gelling47
Bibliography for 1979-8052
The Fifty-eighth Annual Report 1980-81
   List of Officers61
   Honorary Director's Report62
   Honorary Treasurer's Report65

Volume 13 (1980-1)

Burial features in West Midlands charters Della Hooke1-40
Kill Caiis in Clayton-le-Woods, Lancashire Mary A. Atkin41-49
The slighting of Strensall Richard Coates50-53
   V. D. Belen'kaja Ocerk: anglojzycnoj taponimiki H. Leeming54
   A. L. F. Rivet and C. C. Smith The Place-Names of Roman Britain Richard Coates59
The Fifty-seventh Annual Report 1979-80
   List of Officers72
   Honorary Director's Report73
   Honorary Treasurer's Report76

Index Volumes 1-12 [no date] John Field

Volume 12 (1978-9)

The meaning and significance of Old English walh in English place-names Kenneth Cameron1-46
   Appendix 1, The archaeological significance of place-names in walh Malcolm Todd47-50
   Appendix 2, the continental evidence: OHG wal(a)h John Insley50-53
The Hundred-Name Wayland O. Arngart54-58
The etymology of the first element of Woodsford, Dorset John Insley59-65
A note on a “grant by Aethelbald, king of Mercia, to Ealdorman Cyneberht, of land at Stour in Ismere, Worcs.” (no. 154 in Birch [S89]) Deborah Ford66-69
Methodological reflexions on Leatherhead Richard Coates70-74
Bibliography for 1977-78 Katherine Coutts75-82
The Fifty-sixth Annual Report 1978-79
   List of Officers83
   Honorary Director's Report84
   Honorary Treasurer's Report87

Volume 11 (1978-9)

Professor Bruce Dickins [1889-1978; obituary] [Kenneth Cameron]1-2
Anglo-Saxon landscapes of the West Midlands Della Hooke3-23
Place-names and past landscape[s] Margaret L. Faull24-46
The coastal toponyms of Anglesey Bedwyr Lewis Jones and Tomos Roberts47-53
Medieval settlement: the interdisciplinary approach (review of P. H. Sawyer (ed.), Medieval settlement) John Insley54-73
Medieval settlement: the interdisciplinary approach (review of P. H. Sawyer (ed.), Medieval settlement) John Insley54-73
Bibliography for 1974-76, by Helen Thomas75
The Fifty-fifth Annual Report 1977-78
   List of Officers86
   Honorary Director's Report87
   Honorary Treasurer's Report89

Volume 10 (1977-8)

The Badby and Newnham (Northamptonshire) charters A. E. Brown and T. R. Key1-6
The 'erg' place-names of Northern England Mary C. Higham7-17
A Gaelic-Scandinavian loan-word in English place-names [erg] Gillian Fellows Jensen18-25
Viking race-courses? The distribution of Skeið place-name elements in northern England Mary Atkin26-39
Traine Farm, Wembury, Devonshire R. C. Rowland40-40
Addenda to the Survey of English Place-Names: personal names in field and minor names John Insley41-72
The Fifty-fourth Annual Report 1976-77
   List of Officers73
   Hon. Director's Report74
   Hon. Treasurer's Report77

Volume 9 (1976-7)

Editorial [Kenneth Cameron]v
Dr. Olof von Feilitzen [1908-76; obituary] [Dorothy Whitelock]1-2
The Quotation of Name-Forms in Anglo-Saxon Charters A. R. Rumble3-5
The Wheathampstead (Herts.) Charter-Bounds, A.D. 1060: A Corrected Text and Notes on the Boundary-Points [S1031] A. R. Rumble6-12
Application of field-names in the Cambridge west fields Catherine P. Hall13-19
Derogatory field-names John Field20-25
   Bo Seltén The Anglo-Saxon Heritage in Middle English Personal Names. East Anglia 1100-1399 C. M. Carnes26
   Judith Glover The Place Names of Sussex Margaret Gelling31
The Fifty-third Annual Report 1975-76
   List of Officers33
   Honorary Director's Report34
   Honorary Treasurer's Report37

Volume 8 (1975-6)

Editorial [Kenneth Cameron]5
Mr. B. G. Lucas [?-1974; obituary] [Kenneth Cameron]7-8
Rothbury, a note on a Northumberland place-name Christopher Påhlsson9-11
The place-names of the earliest English records Barrie Cox12-66
Bibliography for 1973-4 Celia Parker67
The Fifty-second Annual Report 1974-5
   List of Officers70
   Honorary Director's Report72
   Honorary Treasurer's Report74

Volume 7 (1974-5)

Editorial [Kenneth Cameron]5
Professor Melville Richards [1910-1973; obituary] [Kenneth Cameron]6
The place-name Disley Gillis Kristensson7-10
An examination of the -ingas, -inga- place-names in the East Midlands Joost Kuurman11-44
Hafdic: A Lindsey name and its implications A. E. B. Owen45-56
Bibliography for 1972-3 Celia Parker57
The Fifty-first Annual Report 1973-74
   List of Officers61
   Hon. Director's Report62
   Hon. Treasurer's Report64

Volume 6 (1973-4)

Editorial [Kenneth Cameron]5
Letter: On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the English Place-name Society, from Professor H. Draye, Secretary-General of the International Committee of Onomastic Sciences H. Draye7-9
Onomastic and Topographical sources in English Local Record Offices September 1970: a Summary Guide [A. R. Rumble]10-34
Addenda and Corrigenda to the Survey of English Place-Names John McN. Dodgson35-52
Bibliography for 1971-2 Joy Hubble53-57
[Bibliography of] Reviews 56
The Fiftieth Annual Report 1972-3
   List of Officers59
   Hon. Director's Report60
   Hon. Treasurer's Report63

Volume 5 (1972-3)

Editorial [Kenneth Cameron]5
The English Place-Name Society 1923-1973 Dorothy Whitelock6-14
The significance of the distribution of English place-names in hām in the Midlands and East Anglia Barrie Cox15-73
Bibliography for 1970-71 [Joy Hubble]74-78
Review: The Dorset Lay Subsidy Roll of 1332 ed. A. D. Mills A. R. Rumble79
The Forty-ninth Annual Report 1971-72
   List of Officers83
   Hon. Director's Report84
   Hon. Secretary's Report85
   Hon. Treasurer's Report86

Volume 4 (1971-2)

Editorial [Kenneth Cameron]5
Shoelands Cyril R. Hart6-11
The Medieval Boundary of Coulsdon (Surrey), with an Appendix of Place-Names addenda to Vol. XI The Place-Names of Surrey A. R. Rumble12-36
A Distribution Pattern: -ingas in Kent Sarah Kirk37-59
Bibliography for 1970 [Joy Hubble and Monica E. Traylen]60-63
Review: E. Okasha, Hand-List of Anglo-Saxon Non-Runic Inscriptions O. von Feilitzen63
The Forty-eighth Annual Report 1970-71
   List of Officers68
   Hon. Director's Report69
   Hon. Secretary's Report70
   Hon. Treasurer's Report71
   Publications of the Society75

Volume 3 (1970-1)

Editorial [John McN. Dodgson]5
The Merstham (Surrey) Charter-Bounds, A.D. 947 [S528]A. R. Rumble6-31
Addenda and Corrigenda to the Survey of English Place-names and Journal 1 and 232-51
   List of Reviews of Vols. XX-XLII52
   Bibliography for 196954
   Reviews and Notices56
The Forty-Seventh Annual Report 1969-70
   List of Officers60
   Hon. Director's Report61
   Hon. Secretary's Report63
   Hon. Treasurer's Report65

Volume 2 (1969-70)

Editorial [John McN. Dodgson]5-7
The Domesday Book Account of the Bruce Fief Gillian Fellows Jensen8-17
Addenda and Corrigenda to the Survey of English Place-names [John McN. Dodgson & P. Khaliq]18-74
Bibliography, Reviews and Notices [A. D. Mills & John McN. Dodgson]75-76
The Forty-Sixth Annual Report 1968-9
   List of Officers81
   Hon. Director's Report82
   Hon. Secretary's Report84
   Hon. Treasurer's Report85
   Publications of the Society88

Volume 1 (1968-9)

Editorial [John McN. Dodgson]5-8
Addenda and corrigenda to EPNS volumes XXV & XXVI (English place-name elements, part I & II) [English vocabulary] Kenneth Cameron9-42
Addenda and corrigenda to EPNS volumes XXV & XXVI (English place-name elements, part I & II) [Celtic vocabulary] Kenneth Jackson43-52
Bibliography [A. D. Mills & John McN. Dodgson]53-53
The Forty-Fifth Annual Report 1967-8
   List of Officers57
   Hon. Director's Report58
   Hon. Secretary's Report59
   Hon. Treasurer's Report and Accounts61
   List of Members64
   The Rules of the Society79
   Publications of the Society81

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